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    WiPE Interviews in partnership with CWIEME BERLIN: Interview with Arune Pasukonyte (CARGILL)

    Hosted by: Arune Pasukonyte / Free

    Transformers Magazine and CWIEME - New format of the WiPE programme (Women in Power Engineering)


    This programme is designed to support women in our industry through scholarships for education at the Transformers Academy. So, in this series of live sessions, we will be interviewing some prominent women online at the academy. CWIEME will provide scholarships to the academy for a certain number of women! This initiative is the core value of our project, and we are enthusiastic about making a positive impact together. 


    Our guest in this interview is Arune Pasukonyte from Cargill and the interview will be conducted by Magdalena Halužan. Here you can save your seat.

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    The interviews for Women in Power Engineering are conducted in partnership with CWIEME BERLIN.



    In this interview, Arune will generously share her journey of joining Cargill, offering insightful reflections on various aspects including:

    1. Women in the industry: Arune will provide her perspective on the role of women in the industry, Cargill’s policies towards gender diversity, and insights on achieving work-life balance.

    2. Industry Insights: We’ll delve into broader industry topics, discussing evolving trends, the significance of sustainability, and its impact on our collective future.


    Arune will highlight the changes she’s witnessed throughout her tenure in the industry, particularly emphasizing the profound effects of digitalization on her company.

    Furthermore, she’ll articulate her personal views on sustainability, underscoring its importance in today’s business landscape.

    Lastly, Arune will unveil exciting projects she’s currently involved in, offering a glimpse into the innovative initiatives driving progress within Cargill and the industry as a whole.


    About our guest

    Arune Pasukonyte


    Arune moved to Italy at the age of 19, shortly after completing high school, and obtained her degree in International Commerce from the University of Verona. Joining Transformer OEM as a junior salesperson following her master’s degree, she dedicated 7 years to the company. During this time, she seized valuable opportunities to immerse herself in technology and market dynamics. By the time she decided to depart, she had ascended to the position of Head of Commercial and Marketing Office.

    Seeking a fresh challenge, she transitioned to the design sector, attracted by its less technical nature and focus on aesthetics and glamorous events. However, she soon realized her passion lay in the technical intricacies and numerical discussions of business, rather than the nuances of metal finishing or wood colors.

    Returning to the transformer OEM industry, she broadened her expertise and was introduced to FR3 and Cargill. Intrigued by the discussions surrounding FR3 during her years in transformer sales, she pursued an opportunity to join Cargill. Currently serving as the Business Development Manager for Renewable Energy in Europe, she also holds the role of Sustainability Lead for FR3 on a global scale.

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