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E-lesson: Women in Power Engineering: Interview with Claudia Gherghel-Diaconeasa

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This live interview is a part of the WiPE – Women in Power Engineering rubric of the Transformers Academy. The purpose of the WiPE rubric is to highlight some female colleagues with a significant impact in our industry in order to empower all women working in our field.

Our guest is SGB-SMIT Group’s Claudia Gherghel-Diaconeasa and the interview is conducted by Mladen Banović. Here you can save your seat for the event.

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With her 11 year of experience in the transformers business and eight spent in the SGB-SMIT, Mrs Gherghel is definitely an interesting interviewee for the WiPE rubric.

Attend to find out more about:
• Mrs Gherghel’s role in the multidimensional transformation of a local repair company into a manufacturer of new transformers for international market
• Retrasib in the environment of SGB-SMIT Group as a truly global transformer OEM
• SGB acquisition and company’s position at the time
• Actions taken by the management in Retrasib and at the Group level
• Shift from repair works to new production
• Expansion of the product portfolio
…and much more.

Claudia Gherghel Diaconesa - 300 x 300 profilhe photo

Claudia Gherghel-Diaconeasa


·        11 years experience in the transformer business, out of which 8 within the SGB-SMIT Group

·        CEO of Retrasib since 2016

·        Legal & commercial education with vocation for transformation and growth in people, knowledge and business development


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