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E-lesson: Women in Power Engineering: Interview with Francesca Nucci from Comem

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This live interview is a part of the WiPE – Women in Power Engineering rubric of the Transformers Academy. The purpose of the WiPE rubric is to highlight some female colleagues with a significant impact in our industry in order to empower all women working in our field.

Our guest is Comem's Francesca Nucci and the interview is conducted by Barbara Tomić Eterović. Here you can save your seat for the event.

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Francesca Nucci is the R&D Project Manager at COMEM Group, where she is responsible for product development as well as production process development. Her areas of expertise include product optimization, design, FEM simulations and testing.

As COMEM Group is a company with almost 60 years of market presence, manufacturing and supplying products for different types of transformers, Francesca is dealing with bushings (epoxy resin bushings, porcelain oil bushings, and resin silicon bushings) and accessories (Buchholz relays, pressure relief devices, temperature indicators, breathers, oil level indicators, etc.) as well as accessories for smart transformers – eDevices.

We will talk to Francesca about how small but crucial transformer components make a huge difference in transformer operation, how they can significantly help in extending transformer lifetime and in ubiquitous digitalisation.

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Francesca Nucci


Francesca Nucci is Project Manager at Research and Development Department at COMEM, Montebello Vicentino, Italy.

She is involved in product development as well as production process development. Francesca’s areas of expertise include product optimization, design, FEM simulations and testing.

She received her Electrical Engineering Degree in 2017 at the Technical University of Padua, Italy from the Faculty of Industrial Engineering.

Barbara Tomic Eterovic

Barbara Tomić Eterović

Merit Media Int. / Transformers Magazine

Barbara obtained her Master’s degree in Croatian and Portuguese language at the University of Zagreb. Her love for languages lead her to work as a proofreader at the Croatian Chamber of Economy for two years before becoming the content editor by discovering her interest in the field of digital.

As of 2019, she is the Digital Content Manager for Transformers Magazine and Transformers Academy. In this position she is responsible for digital content publishing and for coordination of the complete portfolio of Transformers Academy’s projects and programs. She is also the editor of the Women in Power Engineering rubric.

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