Unique gender equality opportunity in Contract Management Education and Training presented by the Transformers Academy

Contract Management scholarship

Are you woman enough to take on this challenge? Do you want to make your mark in the largely male dominated transformer engineering and manufacturing environment? This could be the opportunity you have been waiting for to upskill your competencies in Contract Management. Prepare for and make the next step in your career through education!

The Transformers Academy in collaboration with Chris Gerber from Genesiss Consulting, author of the Contract Management in the Transformer Industry course, are proud to announce a unique gender equality opportunity in contract management within the transformer industry.

Avail yourself of this free scholarship! The scholarship will cover all subscription, participation, examination and certification fees linked to the web based Contract Management in the Transformer Industry adult education and training course. The dates of the intermediate and master’s level live broadcasting will be announced soon.

The scholarship will cover and extend to all three the Contract Management course levels written specifically for executives without a legal back ground, within the transformer and related industries presented by the Transformers Academy and the author of this unique series.

More so, you do not have to wait for the hype around International Womans Day to enroll and subscribe. Take this summer break, fill the relevant application forms and motivate why you should be the chosen female candidate for this scholarship. The application will be available until 26 September 2021.

Our agenda is to speed up the journey towards our joint objective: a time when the expertise will be equally treated in all individuals. But bridging the gap is the step number one.

We are looking forward to your applications!


Scholarship for the Contract Management in the Transformer Industry course

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